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Gnome Be Gone Medium Fly Fisherman by Fred Conlon

$99.99 $79.99

Brand: Sugarpost
SKU: 70271
  • Hand-crafted with recycled metals so products may vary
  • Designed to rust with age
  • Indoor/ Outdoor
  • Approx. 6lbs

If you love Montana then you probably love one of its most popular outdoor activities! Montana has over 3200 lakes and well over fifty rivers, it’s no surprise that fishing is a beloved activity! The Gnome Be Gone Fly Fisherman by Sugarposts shares that passion for fishing! However, this fisherman is baiting for something a little bit different! That’s right, not only can the two of you bond over your mutual love of fishing but the Gnome Be Gone Fly Fisherman is the best bodyguard your garden has ever seen! This Fly Fisherman specializes in pesky garden gnomes! Show off your love of fishing and keep your garden safe with the Gnome Be Gone Fly Fisherman!

Fred Conlon is the creative genius behind Sugarpost. Fred originally went to school for Public Communication but found his true calling in art in 1998. With his family's blessing, he opened a little pottery shop that year, Sugarpost Pottery. A year later he made his first metal army helmet turtle and ignited his passion for metal work. That year he switched to Sugarpost Metalwork and he began gathering scrap metal. He then launched his adorable Gnome Be Gone metal line. Now Fred Conlon shares his creature creations with you wherever you are!