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Gnome Be Gone Mini Pig With Stake by Fred Conlon

$64.99 $51.99

Brand: Sugarpost
SKU: 70278


  • Hand-crafted from recycled metal so products may vary
  • Indoor/ Outdoor
  • Designed to rust with age
  • Approx. 2lbs
  • Approx. 6" long

     "That'll happen when pigs fly!"

     Doesn't that sentence just boil your blood? I think you should invite all the doubters over to your beautiful garden and show them your new piece of garden art. When guests see your Gnome Be Gone Mini Pig with Stake by Fred Conlon they will regret doubting you! This little cutie is the perfect confidence boost after all the Gnome Be Gone Mini Pig with Stake also has a set of beautiful wings! The Gnome Be Gone Mini Pig with Stake is living his dream of flying over a garden while protecting it from nettlesome gnomes! Every time you look at him he will give you a look that seems to say “I did it! Now it’s your turn.” Protect your garden and show all the cynics that you have your own set of wings and are ready to fly!

     In 1998 Fred Conlon opened a pottery shop called Sugarpost Pottery. However, a year later he switched gears. After making his first metal army helmet turtle Fred Conlon discovered his passion for metalwork. So in 1999 Sugarpost Pottery became Sugarpost Metalwork and Fred Conlon launched his first line of creative genius! The Gnome Be Gone garden art is made from recycled metal Fred gathers from all around the world. And he thinks its only fitting he sends his adorable monsters to you wherever you are in the world!