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Going to Yellowstone by Peter and Connie Roop


SKU: 79542


  • Ages 8-12
  • 48 pages
  • ISBN-10: 156037361X

There's so much to see and do when you visit Yellowstone National Park, it's always good to have a little guidebook to help you out. But, kids don't want to read an adult guidebook. There's where Going to Yellowstone by Peter and Connie Roop comes in! This 48-page book is a mix of easy-to-read facts about Yellowstone as well as informative maps, diagrams, and other pictures. Split into seven chapters, your kids can spend their time in the car or at the campsite reading about Yellowstone's thermal features, wildlife, or history of wildfire. It's a great way to turn a lot of facts and figures into something digestible for kids! 

If that doesn't make you love this helpful guide, the authors definitely will. Peter and Connie are a husband and wife duo with extensive backgrounds in teaching and science. Peter has won the Wisconsin Teacher of the Year award for his educational efforts as a teacher for over 30 years. He now writes for several magazines and travels around the country giving speeches. Connie is a high school environmental science teacher with several awards under her belt. She's also led groups of students to Belize to study the rainforest. This guide is put together by two very passionate people with a desire to teach kids about the outdoors. If that sounds good to you, get yourself a copy of Going to Yellowstone by Peter and Connie Roop today!