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Gold Terrestrial and Dark Green Ocean MOVA Globe


SKU: 79833


  • MOVA Globe Earth
  • 6" Diameter
  • Light-Powered

There is something about a globe that brings a sense of timelessness into the home. If you have been searching for a piece to add a touch of class to your space, make sure to check out our Gold Terrestrial and Dark Green Ocean MOVA Globe! This 6" D globe flawlessly spins without batteries or unattractive cords that can clutter your space. In fact, all you need for these beautifully designed globes to spin is ambient natural or artificial light. Featuring deep green oceans, striking details, and metallic gold continents, we know for a fact that this piece will quickly become your new favorite home decoration!

Here at Montana Gift Corral, we are truly obsessed with MOVA Globes! Based in Los Angeles, California, this company began as a small basement company near San Diego. Bill French, the creator of MOVA Globes was inspired by his love for solar energy and magnetism. With a background in physics and invention, Bill created a globe like no other. As MOVA puts it, " from detailed maps with a modern twist, and classic artwork to planetary designs. Place them in light. Sit back. Watch them spin. Be impressed."