Grain Leather Antler by Tall Tails


Brand: Tall Tails
SKU: 77611


  • 11" long
  • Vegetable-tanned leather
  • Made in the USA

Safety is key when choosing pet toys and this Grain Leather Antler by Tall Tails begins and ends with all things safe. Starting with the construction of this doggy toy, everything about this toy is designed so that your pets can have fun while also not being harmed. The leather is tanned with vegetables, so even if your pup ingests a little bit of this toy, it's okay. Never leave a dog unsupervised with any toy, however. The fiber inside is made from natural coconut husk. Again, ensuring your dog will have a blast while staying safe. The whole thing is stitched together to endure long-time play! This is great for a little game of no-give-backs or fetch in the backyard!

As a part of the Tall Tails line of toys, you know you're getting something from a company that cares about pets. Having been in the industry for over 80 years, they started out constructing bedding for pets and realized how many people also wanted high-quality toys for their dogs. If you have a pup that pulls or chews, you know how quickly toys can explode. Sometimes, it takes less than a day! Tall Tails works to make sure your toys last so your dog can enjoy toys for more than just one day. And if this leather antler gets dirty, always be sure to spot clean, but never throw it in the washer! Prepare for hours of fun with this Grain Leather Antler by Tall Tails.