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Greatest Mountain Men Stories Ever Told by Lamar Underwood


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  • 304 pages
  • Written by Lamar Underwood
  • Paperback

The wild, and sometimes dangerous, adventures of Mountain Men have always been something that has thrilled us. The original Montana mountain men, the trappers of the Rocky Mountain fur trade, paved the way for a plethora of crazy tales while these men fed on buffalo, elk, and other wild game while living their best lives in the wilderness. These adventures often led them to pay the ultimate price of death by Native American arrows, tomahawks, and knives. The free-spirited lifestyle of mountain men was craved by many, however, this life was full of threats and dangerous situations! Sound like something you'd be into? Pick up the Greatest Mountain Men Stories Ever Told by Lamar Underwood! This paperback novel is guaranteed to have you at the edge of your seat!

Once the editor-in-chief of Sports Afield and Outdoor Life, Lamar Underwood, the author behind this thrilling novel, is well-known for his work in the Outdoor Magazine Group of Harris Publications in New York. The long list of novels he has edited includes Tales of the Mountain Men, The Greatest Hunting Stories Ever Told, and Survival Stories! Published by Lyons Press, The Greatest Mountain Men Stories Ever Told is definitely a novel you don't want to miss!

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