Grizzly 5-Claw Necklace Replica by The Hamilton Group


SKU: 74255

Put the wild in Wild West with the Grizzly 5-Claw Necklace Replica by The Hamilton Group. Kids of all ages with a love of the West and a sense of adventure and individuality will be proud to wear this unique necklace. Your youngster is sure to feel the strength of the grizzly while impressing friends, family, and all they encounter. And don't worry, no grizzly bears were harmed in the creation of this replica necklace! 

Since 1959 The Hamilton Group has been supplying quality goods and unmatched customer service to buyers everywhere. Based out of Missoula, MT, The Hamilton Group, Ltd. is a family-owned and operated third generational company specializing in wholesale distribution and manufacturing. The goods they produce are bumper stickers, gifts, souvenirs, toys, plush, collegiate items, and resort logo wear.

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