Holiday Warmies by Intelex USA (3 Styles)


SKU: 82889


  • Filled with grain and dried French lavender
  • Includes microwavable packet
  • Measures approx. 14" tall

There's nothing quite as soothing as a soft, stuffy friend. And, there's nothing quite as adorable as these Holiday Warmies by Intelex USA. These cute stuffed animals are more than just a good snuggle buddy; they are also super soothing! Each Warmies stuffed animal contains a removable packet that's filled with natural grain and dried French lavender. Just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds, put the satchel back into the stuffed animal, and you'll be soothed and eased by the scent of calming lavender. The natural grain also gives these stuffy some good weight. It's like cuddling an old friend!

Intelex USA, the renowned USA-based company, offers a line of therapeutic Warmies plush animals. These adorable holiday-themed Warmies are infused with gentle French lavender sourced from local Provence growers, providing a truly calming and rejuvenating experience. Whether for snuggling with children or easing sore muscles and joints, the Holiday Warmies by Intelex USA are the perfect choice!