Homestead Tumbler Candle - 8 oz by Himalayan Trading Post (2 scents)


SKU: 79991


  • Hand-poured in Georgia
  • 8 oz candle
  • 30 hours burn time

Your choice of candles should be just as beautiful as the rest of your home and they should smell good. To be truly inspired by your candle selections, we recommend the Homestead Tumbler Candle by Himalayan Trading Post. This 8 oz soy wax candle is a wonderful accessory to provide your home with that dark and moody ambiance you've been looking for. Plus, the scents help create a rich aroma that will make your home smell lovely. Bourbon vanilla is rich and musky with a blend of Madagascar vanilla mixed with malt whisky, amber, and musk. It's like being inside of a classy whiskey bar. Tobacco bark blends dark rum, clove, vanilla, citrus, and woody tobacco. It's almost like being on a tropical island.

In addition to the addictive scents, you also get this beautiful container. Each Homestead candle comes in a blackened copper metal vessel, with a very distinctive patina. All the wax is poured from 100% American-made soybeans. They believe in hand pouring all of their waxes so that can ensure the highest quality of the wax. What's really neat about these candles is that once you've burned them up, you can use one of their Candle Refill Kits to refill your candle. So if you really love the container, you never have to throw it away! And we know you'll want to do that because you'll absolutely love this Homestead Tumbler Candle by Himalayan Trading Post. 

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