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Honey Willow Basket with White Liner by Wald Imports


SKU: 74511


  • 13.5" long
  • Use to build your own gift basket!
  • Comes with cloth liner

We want to make sure you get the best gift basket built for those you love. And that starts with the perfect basket! This Honey Willow Basket with a White Liner not only makes your gift look good, but it can be reused as home decor after! Imagine the excitement when someone opens their package to find a beautifully designed gift; they will know that you really care about them with the sweetest of sentiments. You can design your own or check out our already designed collection of gift baskets.

When selecting beautiful baskets for you, we searched high and low for the best quality baskets to ensure you were getting something you'd truly love and want to give to others! Wald Imports has been in the basket business for over 40 years, so you know you're getting a really high-quality item. We love the honey willow look and with the beautiful cotton liner in place, you're going to want to keep this in your home for years to come. From pretty displays on your mantle to holding mittens by your entryway, the Honey Willow Basket with White Liner by Wald Imports is more than just a gift basket.