Huckleberry Daiquiri Mix by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 37860


  • Made in Montana
  • 12 oz glass bottle
  • Ingredients: wild huckleberries, sugar, corn starch, citric acid

Get the party started with some Huckleberry daiquiris! This Huckleberry Daiquiri Mix by Huckleberry Haven lets you bring a bit of your favorite Montana flavor in cocktail form! Simply follow the directions on the label and you're moments away from a delightful daiquiri to sip by the pool, on the beach, or wherever the mood strikes you. The best part about this mix is how versatile it is. Of course, you can make that classic daiquiri with a little rum and maybe a pinch of lime juice. But, this could also be the base for a yummy margarita or maybe a wine spritzer if you're looking for something lighter! 

You also don't need alcohol to enjoy this treat! Trade out the booze for a little club soda and you'll still get a chance to sip on this fizzy delight! Mix it with The Huckleberry Daiquiri Mix is made by a company from Kalispell, Montana. Huckleberries only grow wild in the Rocky Mountains, so sometimes it can take serious work to harvest them. People trek up in the mountains to find those wild bushes, oftentimes trying their best to avoid bears and other wildlife to make make sure they pick the ripest berries. We raise a glass to you as we sip our Huckleberry Daiquiri Mix by Huckleberry Haven

Don't miss out on this thirst-quenching treat!