Hug'ems Mini by Wild Republic (3 Styles)


SKU: 79523


  • Size: approx. 7" inches long
  • Easy to Clean/Surface Washable
  • 3 Wildlife-inspired designs

This Hug'ems Mini by Wild Republic is the perfect plushy pick-me-up! 5 wild styles, each with oh-so-snuggly fur, a sweet expression, and ready to share the love! Whether it's a birthday or Christmas, this fuzzy companion is sure to bring a smile. Measuring approximately 7" long, these lovable plushies will be your go-to adventure buddy for years to come!

Since 1979, Wild Republic has been creating toys that bring you closer to nature. Their mission is to create toys that cultivate curiosity about wildlife and educate children about the wonders of the wild. Wild Republic is the natural choice for young explorers everywhere!

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