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Hunter's Delight Gift Basket


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Hunters rejoice! When you're heading out for your next big trip, be sure to bring along our Hunter's Delight Gift Basket. This is a perfect little treat for yourself or for that outdoorsman in your life. It features an endless array of Montana goodies! For starters, we've got huckleberry coffee. When you wake up in the middle of the night to hit your tree stand, a cup of good coffee is about the only thing that can prepare you for the day. When the coffee's gone, we recommend packing a little something warming in that awesome buffalo flask. You can never be too prepared, which is also why this basket includes an awesome multi-tool for all your hunting excursions! 

Once you're settled into your secret hunting spot, you'll have plenty of Montana meat to munch on. Montana-made buffalo sticks and Montana-made jerky will quiet your grumbling stomach as you patiently wait for the chance to hit the big one. When it's all said and done, be sure to lotion up with Montana-made Wool Wax Creme, which doesn't have any overpowering fragrances, great for hunters and anglers. Finished in our honey willow gift basket, that can easily be repurposed in your home, maybe to hold gloves and caps by the door for your next excursion. This basket truly has it all for the sportsman who needs to be well-prepared for their next adventure!