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I am Bear 300 Piece Puzzle by Madd Capp


Brand: Madd Capp
SKU: 78691


  • 300 pieces
  • Finished size: 16" x 16" (fits on most tabletops and tray tables)
  • Unique-shaped border
  • Includes educational Fun Facts and puzzle image
  • For ages 10 and up

Do you dare take on the black bear? Madd Capp's I Am Bear puzzle will both challenge and reward those who complete it. Featuring unique head-shaped designs, all Madd Capp puzzles also come with educational Fun Facts inserts. For example, did you know, for instance, that black bears have the ability to survive without food for up to seven months during hibernation? So gather your family and friends around a table and take on I Am Bear if you dare!

Madd Capp Games was created by brothers Bernie and John Moran. They believe in the importance of bringing fun into life and that games have a special power to bring people together. Madd Capp puzzles feature unique-shaped borders of a variety of animals' heads including eagles to bears to wolves. Appropriate for the entire family, Madd Capp puzzles are challenging and just plain fun.

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