I Am Cougar 300 Piece Puzzle by Madd Capp


Brand: Madd Capp
SKU: 78694


  • 300 pieces
  • Finished size: 15" x 19"
  • High gloss, photo-realistic animal image

We are still all wild children at heart! The I Am Cougar 300 Piece Puzzle by Madd Capp will bring out that inner child curiosity during game night! Each puzzle comes with an educational fun facts insert and a fold-out puzzle image to hang as a poster or use as a reference. On the flip side is a wealth of amazing facts! Did you know, for instance, that cougars are born with blue eyes that turn to green and yellow as they age? How cool!

Madd Capp puzzles feature unique-shaped borders of a variety of animals' heads including eagles to cows to wolves. Madd Capp Games was created by brothers Bernie and John Moran on the belief of bringing fun into life and that games have a special power to bring people together. We definitely agree with that idea! Any of their puzzles are great for the entire family, Madd Capp puzzles are challenging and just plain fun!

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