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I am Lil Bear 100 Piece Puzzle Junior by Madd Capp


Brand: Madd Capp
SKU: 78706


  • 100 pieces
  • Finished size: 19" x 34" (poster size)
  • Unique-shaped border
  • Includes educational Fun Facts and puzzle image
  • For ages 5 and up

You've never seen a puzzle like this! All Madd Capp puzzle designs come in unique-shaped borders. I am Lil Bear outlines a young grizzly bear holding on tight to a pine tree. Coming in at 19" x 34", the puzzle almost feels like a life-size image. Speaking of images, what could be cuter than a bear cub climbing a tree? 

Madd Capp Games was created by brothers Bernie and John Moran. They believe in the importance of bringing fun into life and that games have a special power to bring people together. Madd Capp puzzles feature unique-shaped borders of a variety of animals' heads including eagles to bears to wolves. Appropriate for the entire family, Madd Capp puzzles are challenging and just plain fun.