I am Lil Sloth 100 Piece Puzzle Junior by Madd Capp


Brand: Madd Capp
SKU: 78707


  • 100 pieces
  • Finished size: 30" x 28" 
  • Large pieces are sized just right for small hands to hold and manipulate (good for folks with limited dexterity too)

You're going to want to go slow and steady so the fun doesn't end with this puzzle! The I Am Lil Sloth 100 Piece Puzzle Junior by Madd Capp is a great puzzle for any wildlife enthusiast or future-zoologist! This 100 piece puzzle makes a great gift for any grandchild or kid that is curious about the world they live in! Each puzzle comes with an educational insert, facts sheet, and poster!

Madd Capp puzzles is number one when it comes to unleashing your inner child! They feature unique-shaped puzzles of a variety of animals' heads including eagles to cows to wolves. Madd Capp Games was created by brothers Bernie and John Moran on the belief of bringing fun into life and that games have a special power to bring people together. , Madd Capp puzzles are great for the entire family!

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