Jeannette Rankin: America's Conscience by Norma Smith


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  • Paperback
  • Forwarded by Joan Hoff

      "Suffragist, social worker, first woman elected to the United States Congress, lifelong peace activist, and tireless advocate for political reform, Jeannette Rankin is often remembered as the woman who voted "No.""

     Jeannette Rankin was elected into Congress from Montana while the United States was on the cusp of entering the war that was raging across the sea. She was elected a second time in 1940. Both times Jeannette Rankin found herself in the House of Representatives it was as America was planning to enter into a World War. In 1916 we were about to enter World War I, and Jeannette voted against it. She repeated her vote in 1940 before America joined World War II. 

     Jeannette Rankin: America's Conscience by Norma Smith details the experiences of the first woman in Congress. Jeannette Rankin: America's Conscience by Norma Smith was first written in the 1970s and has been foreworded by Joan Hoff. Jeannette Rankin: America's Conscience by Norma Smith begins by talking about Jeannette's childhood in Missoula, Montana and follows her as she becomes the first woman elected to Congress and how she became an icon for peace and women's rights. The original Jeannette Rankin: America's Conscience is written by Norma Smith, a friend of Jeannette's.