Karen Savory Big Bold and Beautiful Owl Metal Box Wall Art by Meissenburg Designs


SKU: 72412


  • Made in Montana
  • Measures 18" x 18"
  • Printed on High-Quality Aluminum Metal Box
  • Artwork by Karen Savory

Add a touch of color to your home with this Big Bold and Beautiful Owl Metal Box Wall Art by Karen Savory. This Montana-made piece measures 18" x 18" and features a stunning and unique owl design printed on high-quality aluminum metal. Let your walls come to life with this charming and playful artwork!

Explore the magic of art with Karen Savory's  Big Bold and Beautiful Owl Metal Box Wall. Her unconventional style captures the quirky wonder of nature, bringing a sense of playfulness to the wildness and balance of Montana's enchanting landscapes. Take a journey with her through her vibrant watercolor paintings and see for yourself the whimsical world she creates. Through Karen's collaboration with Meissenburg Designs, a Montana-based company, you'll find a vast collection of her artwork here at Montana Gift Corral!