Kid's Cowboy Hat by The Hamilton Group


SKU: 54365


  • Sheriff's badge on the front
  • Made of straw
  • Comes in red and blue. Please specify your color choice. If we are out of one color, we will send the other one to you.

Yeehaw! Time to outfit the kids in a little something from Montana. Even when you can't be in our beautiful state, the little one will still enjoy this Kid's Cowboy Hat by The Hamilton Group. Coming with a vibrant blue or red lined brim, it's fun to let the kids pick their favorite color for their wildest western adventures. This hat also includes a multi-colored rope to help keep the hat on your child's head or at least around their neck if they are really on the go! We all know those kids like to move and groove!

What's more, this hat can help fuel their imagination with the little plastic sheriff's badge on the front! Sewed on securely, this should survive all the play shootouts in the front yard! To keep the pokey straw from bothering their little heads, there's a soft and cushy band around the inside so you shouldn't hear very many complaints. This little cowboy hat comes from The Hamilton Group, which is based out of Montana. They have been in the souvenir business for over three generations, so they've done the due diligence to find fun and unique souvenirs to help you remember Montana. So saddle up the kids and have a little fun with the Kid's Cowboy Hat by The Hamilton Group.