Knife Sharpener by Deejo USA


Brand: Deejo USA
SKU: 83530


  • Sharpens at a fixed 4 0° angle
  • Material: Aluminum & Tungsten Carbide
  • Double-blade tungsten carbide face

Did you just buy a beautiful, Deejo knife with a cool tattoo design? To keep it sharp without ruining the tattoo design, try using the Knife Sharpener by Deejo USA. The Deejo pocket knife sharpeners are specifically designed to give your knife the sharpest grind without the worry of destroying the etching on the blade. This small and lightweight pocket knife sharpener is the perfect companion product to invest in when buying a Deejo knife. You'll never be caught with a dull blade with this tool on hand. 

Deejo is a knife company that prides itself on craftsmanship and function. Their initial focus was creating a pocket knife that redefines the meaning of lightweight. They accomplished their goal and created a pocket knife that is as lightweight as a letter! Next, the vision was to add elements to the knives that feel personal, which led to their innovative tattoo technique that engraves designs onto the blades. This added the touch of personality Deejo was looking for! They accomplished their goal of creating a lightweight pocket knife with a timeless, elegant design. Now, accomplish your goal of finding a pocket knife that is functional and beautiful and get your Deejo knife today!