Lambootensil Spoon by Totally Bamboo


SKU: 78790


  • 14" long
  • Materials: bamboo
  • Made in the USA

Talk to any chef or cook and you know the best way to be successful in the kitchen is to have good utensils. Start off with a trusty Lambootensil Spoon by Totally Bamboo and you're well on your way to being a pro in the kitchen. How many times have you been stirring the perfect sauce or folding ingredients into your pasta and needed to reach for that classic kitchen spoon? At 14" long, this spoon won't fail ya! It'll be there to help with all your stirring and mixing needs. Plus, it's made from a single piece of bamboo, which means this sucker is as durable as they come. Drop it on the floor, wing it against the fridge, or spank your kids with it. This spoon will handle it all and still support you in your kitchen endeavors. 

Made in California, Totally Bamboo takes great care to provide high quality bamboo utensils to last years. Their journey actually started out with a desire to make director's chairs for television and movie sets. As they were looking for a good wood for these chairs, they stumbled across bamboo. Interestingly, bamboo actually has a higher tensile strength than steel and it's also more sustainable than other woods because when harvested, the roots actually stay in the ground to regrow. To keep your bamboo utensils long lasting, hand wash in warm water with soap, and either towel or air dry. Definitely do not soak it as that can cause the fibers to split. We can't wait to see what you whip on in the kitchen with this Lambootensil Spoon by Totally Bamboo!