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Large Log Nativity by EarthWood


Brand: EarthWood
SKU: 56216


  • Handcarved in Bethlehem
  • Measures 4" by 8"
  • Carved in a single piece of branch

Celebrate the true reason with this Large Log Nativity by EarthWood. The most unique thing about this beautiful piece of treasured decor is that it's carved from a single branch of olive wood. No trees are ever cut down and instead, EarthWood collects the fallen branches, dries them, and then hand-selects the best quality branches for carving. It is important to inspect all branches for small cracks and imperfections, though things like grain variation add to the uniqueness of the piece. Without cutting or hacking apart any of the branches, skilled craftsmen actually hand-carve this classic scene into the branch. You can see the time and care that's put into each nativity.

Ibrahim and Salem Giacaman are the father-son duo behind all of the creations at EarthWood. Everything they create is made from olive wood and designed by Ibrahim. From there, master woodworkers take the design and creative these stunning wood pieces. Some of those woodcarvers are also part of the Giacaman family, including brothers and sons. After a piece is carved, Ibrahim personally finishes and polishes every single piece. As a family institution, the care and craftsmanship are evident in each wood nativity and wood ornament. Place this Large Log Nativity by EarthWood in a prominent place to showcase the meaning and the beauty!