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Large Sticker by Alaska Wild and Free (11 Styles)


SKU: 81839


  • 12" long
  • Designed in Alaska by Kristi Trimmer
  • 11 Nature-Inspired Designs to Choose From

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a perfect place to put your stickers. Stickers can be so small that putting them somewhere where they can be visible to everyone can be a hard task. Available in 11 vibrant styles, the Large Sticker by Alaska Wild and Free is a 12" long vinyl sticker that is sure to catch anyone's eye no matter where you decide to put it! Stick this beautiful sticker outside or inside, it goes great anywhere!

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Kristi Trimmer is the beautiful brain behind Alaska Wild and Free! This woman-owned company is incredibly passionate about offering stunning and simple wildlife-designed products that range all the way from stickers to coloring books to can coozies. Kristi bases her unique designs on an array of wildlife photographs she has taken while living a nomadic lifestyle for over 4 years. From these photos, Kristi has been able to create beautiful products to inspire the lives of other outdoor enthusiasts!