Large Textured Disc Earrings by Roseworks MT


SKU: 62772


  • Made in Montana
  • 100% copper
  • 2" diameter

Please let us know which textured earring you would like picture 1 or picture 2.

We all need a great pair of earrings to put on before we head to the office or go out for the night. The Large Textured Disc Earrings will add a great style to your outfit. The large circles have different style texture to the disc with each piece being heated to give you different colors throughout the earring. Also, the outer circle of the earrings has a shine that makes this piece stand out.

RoseworksMT makes all their products in Montana out of copper to give you a great Montana gift. The Large Textured Disc Earrings will be a great set for anyone on your wish list.

It's time to show off your new earrings!