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Lewis and Clark Caverns Cruise Jacket


SKU: 59027


  • Unisex
  • Adult sizes S-XXL
  • Olive and Khaki or Black and Raspberry 

   "Life is either a great adventure or nothing."

    In 1898 a man named Tom Williams gathered a group of six friends. Together the men climbed down into a random hole they had discovered on the side of a mountain six years prior. Inside they found the amazing limestone structures we now call the Lewis and Clark Caverns. Why not celebrate your descent into the Earth's core with the Lewis and Clark Caverns Cruise Jacket? The Lewis and Clark Cruise Jacket is lightweight and breathable. Not too heavy, the Lewis and Clark Cruise Jacket will keep you warm in the consistent fifty-degree caves without restricting your movements in the tighter spaces. Look good and show off your stories of being a real spelunker with the Lewis and Clark Cruise Jacket!

    The Lewis and Clark Caverns were first explored in 1898 by local hunter Tom Williams along with six of his friends. Native Americans had known of the caves and the legends of the caves had been the main source of its location. And in 1805 Lewis and Clark stopped on the bank of Antelope Creek, not far from the cavern entrance. Their journey through the state park is what gave the park its name. Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park was recognized as a state park in 1937.