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Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park Marker Magnet


Brand: TGT
SKU: 59791

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     Need help organizing your fridge's surplus amount of papers? Maybe a magnet can help! The Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park Marker Magnet is a fun way to get organized and remember a trip of a lifetime. The Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park is located in Whitehall, Montana and is Montana's first state park! And after exploring the largest limestone cavern in the state of Montana, you're going to want to remember the wonderful experience. The Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park Marker Magnet is the perfect way to celebrate your time at the Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park! Modeled after the first sign you see when approaching the park, you'll get a little jolt of nostalgia every time you go to grab some milk!

     TGT Stickers is based out of Jackson, Wyoming. This was a company that began as a way for its president, Timothy G. Tasker, to make a living while still remaining in a resort town near good skiing. Now it has grown into so much more than that. TGT Stickers is dedicated to producing the most innovative and creative stickers in the world. They hope to celebrate the diversity of sport, travel, and lifestyle with their stickers. “It is our hope that a simple sticker becomes a reflection of one’s desires and experiences.”