Lewis & Clark Caverns Cathedral Room Magnet


SKU: 45850


  • Size - 2" inches by 3" inches
  • Montana Inspired
  • Made in USA


A beautiful photograph of the Cathedral Room at The Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park sits inside a resin square, made to become your newest souvenir magnet. This Lewis & Clark Caverns Cathedral Room Magnet is a great way to bring back a physical memory of you trip to the caverns. Magnets are always a fun gift to bring back for a friend or family member too, so if you forgot to get your favorite person a gift on you trip, just order it here!

The nice thing about this magnet is that it's wrapped around metal, so you know it's built to last. With the strong magnet on the back, you can easily affix this to your fridge, metal day planner, or any other magnetic surface. It's great for those grocery lists, honey-do notes, and kids' art projects! The Hamilton Group is the premiere souvenirs vendor in Montana. They have been providing fine souvenirs and beautiful reminders of Montana since 1959. And to this day, they are still a family-owned company. No matter where you choose to stick it, we're sure you'll enjoy the Lewis & Clark Caverns Caverns Cathedral Room Magnet by The Hamilton Group.