Limited Edition WWII-Era Big Ass Brick of Soap by Duke Cannon Supply Co. (4 scents)


SKU: 78224


  • 10 oz
  • Made in the USA
  • Features WWII-inspired packaging

What's that wonderful scent? Is it victory? Accomplishment? Soap? Yes, to all of that! These Limited Edition WWII-Era Big Ass Bricks of Soap by Duke Cannon Supply Co. are just what you need to feel fresh, clean, and powerful! In four aggressively manly scents including Naval Diplomacy, Productivity, Accomplishment, and Victory, you're definitely going to want to buy one of each to feel complete. Naval Diplomacy smells like a refreshing ocean, Productivity smells like energizing mint, Accomplishment smells like bergamot and black pepper, and Victory smells like freshness with a hint of grass. You can't go wrong with whichever scent you pick! 

As a company, Duke Cannon Supply Co. commits itself to making products that are rooted in their strong company values. They make body products for men who work hard and play hard, who value family and community, and who worship bacon. You read that right, bacon. They want to ensure that even your showering experience is as tough and strong as you are. So if you know someone who loves to be clean and loves to be aggressive, get them this Limited Edition WWII-Era Big Ass Brick of Soap by Duke Cannon Supply Co. 

Every product from Duke Cannon Supply Co. smells like victory, so check out our complete line here!