Little Friend and Santa by Santa's Workshop


SKU: 79403


  • Brush out fur for a clean look
  • Approx. 12" tall
  • Dust and spot clean only

We all know that Santa loves kids, but did you also know he has a special place in his heart for animals? That's exactly what you'll get with Little Friend and Santa by Santa's Workshop. Now, when Santa's going out to visit his favorite woodland friends, he has to dress a little differently. It's colder and snowier in the woods, so he has to change out his classic red coat for one that's fur-lined! This keeps him extra snuggly and warm. Even his hat comes complete with the beautiful fur lining and you can just about picture him tromping through the snow on his way to visit all the little animals. In fact, we think he's already found himself a little friend!

This cute little fawn loves Santa just as much as Santa loves him! He's lept into his arms to accompany Santa on his journey. Will he help him deliver presents this year? It would be quite a sight to see that little fawn sitting in the sleigh as they fly through the night on Christmas Eve. While on his wooded travels, Santa has also picked up a beautiful little tree. Whether by the animals or with just a little bit of magic, this tree has already been decorating. We wonder is Santa is making a special delivery for someone who needs a Christmas tree! This Santa figure stands just about 12" tall, so he would look wonderful as the centerpiece on your dining room table or as the holiday greeter in your entryway. We hope you love this Little Friend and Santa by Santa's Workshop just as much as we do!