Lost Fort Ellis: A Frontier History of Bozeman by Thomas C. Rust


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  • Format - Paperback
  • Publication Date - 11th May 2015
  • Pages - 160
  • ISBN: 9781626199798

Learn about the history of the Frontier and the importance of Fort Ellis in the history of the Montana frontier with the book Lost Fort Ellis: A Frontier History of Bozeman by Thomas C. Rust. This book really goes into depth about the complexity of Fort Ellis and how it stood between the military and civilians of the time. This complicated relationship had many twists and turns that made this time period, 1857 to 1886, dramatic and full of history. Whether you want stories about riotous mobs and restoring order, post commanders attacking towns or economic and military conditions of the time, this book has all of the historical moments that made the Montana frontier. 

The author, Thomas C. Rust is a history professor out of Montana State University - Billings. He includes all of his understandings of the Fort Ellis history that helped shape the Montana frontier, including the many problems of the military and its commanders. This eye-opening book really dives deep into the soldier-civilian relationships at the time and how that impacts the economics and societal norms of the time.