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Love Tree of Enchantment Ball by Kitras Art Glass (2 Sizes)


SKU: 55358


  • Handmade
  • Blown glass
  • Use strong ribbon or fishing line to hang

Spread love and joy to everyone you care about with the Love Tree of Enchantment Ball by Kitras Art Glass. Light and color have fascinated us since the Stone Age. They create beautifully mesmerizing patterns with swirling colors and the changing light throughout the day. Glass ornaments make unique home decor items that harness the beauty of light. Kitras Art Glass works to harness the beauty of light and color in their beautiful blown glass balls. They have refined the process since 1988, and ensure that each piece they create is absolutely one of a kind. This particular witch's ball is meant to signify the connection between people, and the love we feel for each other which can grow like a tree. 

To make each witch's ball, they first begin with pieces of glass that are heated to almost 4,000 F. Each design has its own color recipe, where select pieces of colored glass, referred to as frit, are laid out on a heat-resistant mat. Then, the molten hot clear glass which has an almost honey-like texture is picked up and rolled into the ball, which fuses together and expands as the glass is mouth blown. Each piece is cooled at a rate that makes sure there are no cracks or damages in the piece. After a thorough quality inspection, the enchantment balls are ready for purchase! Show someone your love with this special gift of the Love Tree of Enchantment Ball by Kitras Art Glass.