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Luna Alarm Clock by Match 1995


Brand: Match 1995
SKU: 83313


  • 5.2"L x 1.4"W x 2.8"H
  • 1.5 Volt, Cylinder-Style N Battery (included)
  • Crafted from Luxury Pewter
  • This piece is available for dropship! Send an email to if this is out of stock and you wish to order! 

The Luna Alarm Clock by Match 1995 exudes pure luxury with its finely crafted pewter design. Measuring 5.2"L x 1.4"W x 2.8"H, this timeless piece is perfect for any mantel or bedside table. This beautifully designed piece is equipped with an alarm clock, however it does not have a snooze button. And with a single, included 1.5-volt battery, it runs silently and effortlessly. Elevate your space with the Luna Alarm Clock.

Hailing from Egypt, the elegant and refined material of Pewter evokes a sense of luxury. Created with a combination of tin, copper, and antimony, Match 1995 pewter is a lead-free metal that boasts 95% tin - a premium metal that ranks just below platinum, gold, and silver in exclusivity. Its superior quality requires little upkeep, ensuring its alluring beauty for years to come, as it is highly resistant to tarnishing. Simply use a metal polish now and again to keep it looking brand new! From its durable construction to its detailed finishes, you'll adore this luxury item. 

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