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Megalodon Jigsaw Puzzle by Rextooth Studios


SKU: 78093
  • 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Wildlife inspired design
  • Made in Montana

The story of the megalodon has been told for centuries. The megalodon, a species of shark that existed and died off before the introduction of modern humans, was estimated to measure up to 60 ft long. To give you an idea of how long these sharks were, the modern-day school bus typically measures around 45 ft. That is 15 ft shorter than the estimated length of a megalodon! If you are as fascinated by these prehistoric sea creatures as we are, you need to get your hands on the Megalodon Jigsaw Puzzle by Rextooth Studios! This vibrantly designed 500 piece jigsaw puzzle will be the perfect addition to any family game night, we guarantee it! 

Inspired by sharks, dinosaurs, monsters, wolves, and other infamous creatures, Ted Rechlin, the author and illustrator behind Retooth Studio is passionate about creating bold and vibrant art. From jigsaw puzzles to graphic novels, this artist has exactly what you need to stay entertained. If you've been looking for the perfect puzzle that is both unique and bold, you need to pick up the Megalodon Jigsaw Puzzle by Rextooth Studios ASAP!

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