Mallard Duck Audubon Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic


SKU: 78911
  • Measures approx. 4" x 5" x 4"
  • Realistic mallard duck design
  • Realistic mallard duck call

There is no denying that Mallard Ducks are absolutely stunning. These unique waterfowl are known for their dark, iridescent-green head and yellow bill. Mallards can be spotted throughout Montana, are truly a sight for sore eyes. Not only are these birds beautiful, but their call is very distinct. If you are a big fan of Mallard Ducks, you need to pick up the Mallard Duck Audubon Stuffed Animal by Wild Republic. With one squeeze, you will hear the unique call of the Mallard Duck. Awesome!

Wild Republic, the company behind this unique stuffed animal, is known for its vast collection of Audubon birds. This unique company is passionate about only making positive impacts on their customers, community, and the earth! In fact, in order to comply with social standards, Wild Republic is dedicated to using reusable packaging, phthalate-free non-toxic materials, and sustainable resources. 

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