Marc Pierce Royal Battle Elk Sculpture by Demdaco


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 56456

16 3/4" wide

7" tall

Please Note: The antlers on this sculpture are extremely delicate. We work very hard to package each sculpture safely for shipping. To make sure nothing is damaged in unboxing, please unwrap delicately and only lift out of the box from the base.

It's a tale as old as the ages: two bulls have come to a place where they must do battle to see who proves superior. The only question remaining is who will be the victor? Marc Pierce and Demdaco ponder this as well with their Marc Pierce Royal Battle Elk Sculpture. This is a Montana Bronze meaning a special blend of bronze, copper, and other metals is used to create this elk sculpture. The two bulls locked horns and exchanged blows. Whoever wins shall reap the benefits of the herd while the other must slink off into the distance to find a new home. Show your appreciation of the wild and the endless battles we must all fight with the Marc Pierce Royal Battle Elk Sculpture.