Mini Leather Quote Journal by Sugarboo & Co (19 styles)


SKU: 77344


  • Made in Georgia
  • Measures 4" by 6"
  • Acid-free paper

Be inspired to write with a Mini Leather Quote Journal by Sugarboo & Co! These visually pleasing and extremely useful journals are just what you need when it comes to a place to store your thoughts. With the rush of each day, it can be so hard to remember every little thing you need to get done. Or, perhaps you need something tangible to hold in your hand while you brainstorm your next big idea. Write poetry. Write songs. Whatever you choose to write, this mini leather journal is a perfect place to put it. Sure you could type what you want to say, but it doesn't seem to stick the same as when you write it down. Sugarboo & Co. knows that, so they provide these fun little journals just for you. 

Choose from a variety of sayings from your favorite people, both fiction and nonfiction. Whether you're most inspired by Abraham Lincoln or Peter Pan, you'll find the perfect journal just for you. Sugarboo & Co. is based out of Georgia and was started by artist Rebecca Puig. They call themselves a dealer in whimsy, and these mini journals definitely make you feel whimsical. Sugarboo comes from the names she calls her two children, so you know every single thing these people do is based on love. Bring that love and inspiration into your life with a Mini Leather Quote Journal by Sugarboo & Co!