Mini Sticker Sheet by Atomic Child (7 Styles)


SKU: 79708


  • 6 Mini Stickers per Pack
  • USA Inspired
  • Long Lasting
  • 7 Themed Sticker Packs to Choose From!

Add some spark to your favorite items with Atomic Child's Mini Sticker Sheets! Featuring 6 mini stickers per pack, these USA-inspired, long-lasting stickers come in 7 awesome themed packs to choose from - make your mark with standout style! (It's the perfect gift for your sticker-obsessed pal, too!)

Atomic Child was started by a man who is heavily inspired by the outdoors and he loves to create art of what he loves the most. We at the Montana Gift Corral love to offer Montana souvenirs for you to take home to your family and friends. So we really are excited to work with people like Atomic Child to offer those souvenirs from Montana!