Mini Wooden Sticker Packs by Dust City Designs (12 styles)


SKU: 76767


  • Each sticker is approx. 1 1/2" 
  • Made from maple wood
  • Made in Colorado

Up your sticker game with a Mini Wooden Sticker Pack by Dust City Designs. If you love expressing yourself or collecting memories through stickers to put on your car or water bottle, Dust City offers you a way to make that happen while also thinking about sustainabiltiy. All of their stickers are made from FSC certified sustainably grown and harvested wood veneer. They partner with awesome artists and then laser their designs onto the wood. Even the packaging the stickers come in is made of cellulose, so it is compostable.

To adhere your stickers, Dust City finishes them with 3M adhesive backing. They will definitely stick onto whatever surface you want to pop them on, whether it be something indoor or outdoor! To help them stay vibrant in outdoor settings, Dust City applies a clear protective coating to wick away moisture and prevent UV damage. Plus, the designs are fun and funky so you can really express your personality. Enjoy a Mini Wooden Sticker Pack by Dust City Designs today!