Montana Battlefields: 1806-1877- Native Americans and the U.S. Army at War by Barbara Fifer


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  • Size - 6.08" inches x  8.94" inches
  • 224 pages
  • Publication Date - August 1, 2005

Western Book: “Montana Battlefields: 1806 – 1877” is a fascinating account of battles in Western History between Native American and the U.S. Army in the state of Montana. “Montana Battlefields: 1806 – 1877” tells the history of Montana's era of “Indian Wars” that consisted of nearly a century of skirmishes, battles and full-scale wars between the U.S. Military and native nations including Blackfeet, Sioux, Northern Cheyennes, Arapahos, Gros Ventres and Nez Pierce as well as the Crow and Shoshone allies to the U.S. Army. Read about the battlefields that still stand today as a testament to the clash of cultures that defined the region in the 19th century. Author Barbara Fifer takes the reader on a journey to the most solemn sites of Montana's most storied battles, from Two Medicine Creek to the Little Bighorn and on to the Sweetgrass Hills. This 6” x 9” softbound book is 224 pages with black and white photographs and maps. ISBN: 1-56037-309-1