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Montana Bolo Tie with Jewelry Box by The Hamilton Group


SKU: 63227


  • Approximately 19" long
  • Easily adjustable 
  • Simple box for safekeeping

Yehaw! It's time to Montana-up your style! You know the best way to do that? With the Montana Bolo Tie with Jewelry Box by The Hamilton Group, that's how. Whether you're rockin' a Canadian Tuxedo or a classy button-up with pearl snaps, it's really the details of the outfit that count. This bolo is made from a hearty black string and the ends are well-weighted so you know that it's meant to last. The finishing touch, of course, is a little tribute to Big Sky Country. Front and center, our beloved state shape is the way you adjust the length of the tie. And for the outdoorsman, you get some fun animal bling! The silhouette of an elk, a bear, and a moose give this bolo some real charm.

When you're not sporting this hot look, you can keep your little bolo tie tucked away safely in its box. No frills and no fuss, this is just a great way to keep the tie safe and protected or to remind you where you put it when you take it off at night. Would you wear this to the Met Gala or some fancy opera show? No! But, would you have a little fun donning this tie at honky tonk night at your local cowboy bar? Heck yes, you would! Coming from the Hamilton family who has been in the souvenir business for over 62 years, you know you're getting something of quality. So pop on your cowboy boots and hat, and don't you forget the Montana Bolo ie with Jewelry Box by The Hamilton Group.