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Montana Buffalo Brass Belt Buckle by Colorado Silver Star


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  • Made in USA
  • Hand Crafted
  • Cast Brass

The North American Bison can grow to be 6 to 7 feet long, and can weigh in over 2000 pounds! As a reference, that's about the weight and size of a new Smart car. Now we don't recommend driving one of those little cars in Yellowstone National Park, but if you do make the trip to Southwestern Montana, you'll need to fit the part. The better the belt buckle, the better your pants will remain around your waist. Belt buckles that keep your pants Rocky Mountain high are best from Colorado Silver Star!

Colorado Silver Star creates wonderful belt buckles and metal western accessories all beneath the Rocky Mountains of Colorado! Every piece made by Colorado Silver Star is designed, crafted, and hand finished all in-house. They know a few things about the western side of life; so grab a new buckle today and show your Montana pride!