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Montana Buffalo Painted Belt Buckle by Colorado Silver Star


SKU: 38895
  • Made in Colorado
  • Cast pewter
  • Handcrafted

The iconic bison is a local favorite out here in Yellowstone Country. Just like the local people, these beautiful creatures can make a living just about anywhere, as long as they have enough space to roam. This Montana Buffalo Painted Belt Buckle by Colorado Silver Star will serve as a reminder of your memories in Yellowstone, with Montana proudly inscribed along the bottom!

Each buckle by Colorado Silver Star is crafted using a process that ensures quality craftsmanship. First, the metal pewter is melted down into a liquid state, then poured into a mold while spinning in a centrifuge to ensure that all the details of the design are preserved in the pewter. Once the pewter hardens and cools, each belt buckle is hand buffed and polished, then decorated with select paints or an antique finish to achieve the rustic style you know and love!