Montana Cedar Moose Ornament by Wood You Tell Me


SKU: 34628


  • 100% cedarwood
  • Designed in Minnesota
  • Wildlife inspired design

From our Montana Store Souvenirs collection, aromatic cedar and a sense of tradition are just part of the delight in this Montana Cedar Moose Ornament, part of our Moose Ornaments gallery. Bring that rustic sense of the west and a handcrafted treasure to your collection of Christmas Tree Ornaments with this simple piece from Wood You Tell Me. Hailing from Minnesota, the owner Jo and Jeff are encouraged by their love of nature, horses, the mountains, and the West in creating their cedar gifts for the outdoor enthusiast. Using laser systems, each piece is designed, cut, assembled, finished, and shipped by Jo, Jeff, and their staff. A sense of tradition and the spirit of the handcrafted, American ingenuity come with the simple beauty of this ornament. As one of our Moose Ornaments, it is sure to become a favorite among your most treasured Christmas Tree Ornaments and Montana Store Souvenirs.

Based in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, Wood You Tell Me is a company well known for its wonderfully intricate cedar wood designs! From ornaments to trinket boxes, and even picture frames, this company is passionate about crafting products that inspire its fan base to get outdoors!

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