Montana Compass Keychain by Wayne Carver Woodworking (3 Designs)


SKU: 28186


  • Made in the USA
  • Approx. 2" in diameter
  • Laser-cut

We all know how important it is to have a good, sturdy keychain to help keep keys and other clippable utensils organized. Now, you can get that plus some direction with the Compass Keychain by Wayne Carver Woodworking. For starters, you get something that just looks nice. This isn't a little kitschy keychain that you pick up at the gas station. This baby is solid and durable. When the fun laser engravings of various Montana animals, you can also display a little bit of love for your favorite state everywhere you go. While the keychain itself is not pictured here, rest assured that you'll be able to carry all your important keys on this Montana keychain.

On the back of this piece, you'll find an easy-to-read compass. This is especially valuable if you are a hiker, hunter, fisher, or another type of adventurer. No matter where your journeys may lead you, you can always have your keys and a sense of direction with you at all times. Wayne Carver Woodworking has been in the wood manufacturing business for over 40 years. Those skills combined with their ability to laser engrave so assure you that you're getting a key chain of the highest quality. Sport a little Montana ingenuity with this Montana Compass Keychain by Wayne Carver Woodworking.