Montana Green Hummingbird Blown Glass Ornament by Art Studio Company


SKU: 71944


  • Hand blown glass
  • Formed by heat, shaped by hand
  • 3 1/2" (w) X 2 1/2" (h)

There aren't many more creatures as striking, fascinating, and impressive as hummingbirds. Though the wings on the Montana Green Hummingbird Blown Glass Ornament don't beat dozens of times per second as in real life, the vibrant colors are just as stunning. This ornament is not much smaller in size than most hummingbirds and incredibly weighs more (average weight of hummingbirds is between 1-4 grams). Nature's designs are truly remarkable and never more so than in these beautiful, dynamic birds. Browse our website for more hummingbird-inspired art, jewelry, home decor, kitchenware, and more. 

Art Studio Company is a brand that is passionate about offering socially conscious hand-crafted goods. All products from Art Studio Company are crafted earth-friendly materials, made in small villages around the world. We love the selection of high-quality, earth-friendly products offered by the Art Studio Company, and we know that you will as well!

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