Montana Heart Chain Bracelet by RoseWorksMT


SKU: 73535


  • Hand made in Montana
  • No two bracelets are alike
  • Measures 7 1/2" long

John Rose of RoseWorksMT has been making Montana made jewelry for many years within view of Glacier National Park. Inspired by that natural beauty that surrounds him, he uses his skills honed in fabrication and welding to create stunning copper and metal jewelry. The Montana Heart Chain Bracelet by RoseWorksMT is the perfect way to help you express your love for Big Sky Country in a way that everyone can admire.

Delicate and vibrant, this copper charm features a unique swirl design across the state of Montana. The coloring, achieved by heating the metal at different temperatures is a beautiful mix of blues and greens on copper. The charm itself is just 1 1/2" long, offering just a nice little way to compliment any outfit and keep Montana close to you all throughout the day. Enjoy the Montana Heart Chain Bracelet by RoseWorksMT each time you put it on and think of Montana!