Montana History for Kids in 50 Objects: With 50 Fun Activities by Steph Lehmann


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  • For readers 8-12 years
  • Published in Montana
  • 112 pages

Get your kids involved in Montana history with this fun and educational book! Montana History for Kids in 50 Objects: With 50 Fun Activities by Steph Lehmann helps take what may seem like everyday, inanimate things and enlive them with interesting facts and heritage. This book is published in conjunction with the Montana Historical Society, which helped to together some of the information and activities of this fun-filled book. In order to keep kids invested in our history, you have to make it matter to them. That's exactly what Lehmann attempts to do in this book. Small artifacts from history are discussed on bright and entertaining pages. Then, a corresponding activity is included so they can put what they've just learned into action! 

Steph Lehmann has a fine arts degree which she used as a professional graphic designer and illustrator for 28 years. She also has a love of teaching, used her skills to teach young kids arts and crafts. She was also the illustrator for the fan-favorite Who Pooped Field Guide, Journal, and Activity Bookwhich has won awards. Her passion for teaching and educating young people shines through in this book. As a member of the FarCountry Press publishing family, you know you are getting high-quality content that actually pertains to the state of Montana. For road trips, camping trips, or just for fun, we hope you enjoy Montana History for Kids in 50 Objects: With 50 Fun Activities by Steph Lehmann.