Montana Hoodie Can Cooler by The Hamilton Group


SKU: 65594


  • Made of neoprene
  • Includes Montana's only area code
  • Hood and pockets sewn on

We all know that Montana weather can be wild. In the morning you might need a coat, but by the evening you will be sportin' a t-shirt in the sunshine. Have you ever thought that maybe your drink feels the same way? Slap this Montana Hoodie Can Cooler by The Hamilton Group on your can and it can be extra snug to match that Montana weather. Made of black and pink neoprene, the vibrant color will keep you from losing this koozie because we know how quickly those suckers can disapear. And with the fun Montana 406 branding, this can cooler will quickly become your favorite!

Now for the fun part. Check out the little pockets and hoodie on this cutie! Maybe you're up late around the campfire, having a cold beer with a few friends, and it starts to snow. That can easily happen in Montana, you know! Don't let your beer go unprotected! Snuggle him up in his little hoodie and let the night continue. Okay, okay, we joke a little, but it's still fun isn't it? The Hamilton Group is all about fun with their great selections of Montana souvenirs! That's why we carry so many of their fun products! Snuggle up whatever you drink with the Montana Hoodie Can Cooler by The Hamilton Group!