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Montana Moments: History on the Go by Ellen Baumler


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  • Approx. 6" x 9"
  • Associated with Montana Historical Society
  • Paperback

     "The pages of Montana Moments overflow with enjoyable historical vignettes that cover nearly everything important that has happened in Montana's history. Newcomers will find an excellent introduction to what makes Montana tick, while Baumler's careful research and entertaining writing style will delight old-timers."                                             -Herry Fritz, University of Montana- Missoula

     Montana Moments: History on the Go by Ellen Baumler is a collection of random and fascinating moments in Montana history. The Montana Moments: History on the Go by Ellen Baumler has a story about Steve Reeves who was better known as Mr. Universe and Hercules. Read stories about Montana's mighty and mini animals, stories about mining towns that have nothing left except dust and ghosts, and stories about wary wanderers. All of the stories in Montana Moments: History on the Go by Ellen Baumler are short, making them perfect for a quick read between moments in your busy life. Take a moment to read a ghost story on the bus ride home, or bring Montana Moments: History on the Go by Ellen Baumler with you on your bathroom break and learn about Horace W. Bivins. 

     Ellen Baumler wrote Montana Moments: History on the Go with the intention to prove that history doesn't have to be a long and boring task. Ellen wants to prove that history can be fun and exciting! Ellen Baumler has been working with the Montana Historical Society since 1992. She has a passion for history and Montana and is happy to be able to share some of that passion with you in Montana Moments: History on the Go.